Music for Vampires

Written for the Muncie Star (Page T-5, October 28, 1990)

For quite some time, WBST has been brewing a special Halloween treat for its Friends and listeners. Local performances are to be featured this Wednesday afternoon.

Music From the 1989-90 Ball State University Faculty Series will begin at 2 p.m. Rolf Legbrandt plays clarinet and Mitchell Andrews the piano for Castelnuovo-Tedwsco’s Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 128. Later in the half-hour program, George Wolf and Pia Sebastiani play saxophone and piano respectively on Fantasia by Villa-Lobos.

Our focus then turns to the eerie, yet musical. Ever since Bela Lugosi’s first performance of Count Dracula, vampires have been a mainstay of modern culture.

at 3:10 p.m. our Halloween Special presentation of Moonlight Sonata by Memerie Innerarity will be performed.

This is a recording of March’s premiere of Ball State University’s performance of the operetta featuring vampires. The recording was taken in WBST’s Studio B before the show’s first public performance in Muncie.

The story tells how one vampire gets revenge over an old enemy. Featured performers are Michael Jorgensen, Patricia Robertson, Andrea Thomas, Fritz Robertson and pianist Eri Nakagawa.


At 5 p.m. today, Horizons presents Daughters of Zion: Women in Israel. For his story, producer Adam Phillips travels to Israel, the land of Golda Meir, to see if “the perception of women’s equality in that country is truth or myth.”

The documentary illustrates how 3,000 years of Jewish tradition has created a confusing atmosphere for Israeli women by encouraging them to maintain child-bearing roles while remaining passive in public life and politics.

Phillips reports that in Israel, attitudes toward women and women’s attitudes about themselves are controversial. “Most everyone in the country has a firm opinion about the woman’s proper role at home, in the workplace, and Jewish ritual life. The conflicts come to a head when women want to read from the Torah Scroll at the holy Wailing Wall in Jerusalem,” he said.

Horizons host Vertamae Grosvenor and Gwendolyn Glenn are co-producers of next Sunday’s Horizons documentary, Myrtle Beach: Parity in Paradise.

Their story focuses on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s highly profitable tourism business, the second largest industry in the state, and on the struggles of the area’s African American residents who are trying to gain economic parity within their seaside community.

Despite the millions of tourist dollars that pass through the area each year, Grosvenor and Glenn report that black residents along the 60-mile coastline of this lavish resort area have not received significant financial rewards or career opportunities.


Saturday is Vincenzo Bellini’s birthday. The Best Seat in the House hosts John Meadows and Dick Ver Wiebe celebrate the 189th birthday of the composer.

Seldom recorded Bellini will air at 12:30 p.m. The program will feature unusual operatic recordings from Bellini’s repertoire.