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As Student Association election winning names were read Thursday afternoon, relieved sighs and smiles came from several candidates.

Election Board Chairman Mike Jeffries announced the winners of the student senate election to less than 25 students at a meeting in the Student Center Terrace Lounge.

A few newly elected senators said they were surprised by the vote totals.

“I was really surprised that I had the second highest (number of votes) said Lisa Corbin, who ran for an at-large position. “Now I can work for my goals that I have set.”

Even some of those who spent much of the day campaigning seemed relieved by the outcome.

“I just didn’t know what to think,” said Amy Pfafflin, elected for an off-campus seat. “I was out all day yesterday. I got a lot of positive feedback and a lot of negative feedback.”

And Robin Rothman, who was elected as an at-large senate seat, said “I’m happy that I made enough of a showing as a Freshman to get on (Senate).”

One student said dedicated constituents helped him get elected to senate. David Speakman, a newly elected off-campus senator, added that since he was non-greek, his campaign concentrated on groups such as Common Ground, which he said were liberal.

“My constituents are pretty loyal,” said Speakman. “I’m kind of pleased I got 20 percent of the vote.”

A total of 1,126 students voted in the election. That total please new senators and Jeffries.

“I thought voter turnout was very good,” Jeffries said.

At the beginning of the meeting, Jeffries announced with mock surprise who won the presidential election.

“To end all suspense, Brad Hastings (who ran unopposed) did win the presidential election,” Jeffries said.

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