(Letter to the Editor – Journal Gazette – Sept. 19, 1995)

The incorporation of the Aboite Township subdivisions of Fort Wayne named after West Hamilton Road would have a negative impact on Allen County, northeast Indiana and would add to the national debt, as follows:

Allen County: The formation of what would be the county’s third-largest municipality (area wise) would increase cost to every county taxpayer. Since no real need for local government to protect businesses or develop utilities exists, the logic of a new town doesn’t outweigh the additional red tape associated with new political districts, town elections, tax collecting in the new district and tax disbursement to the new town. Like so many leeches, West Hamilton organizers will own businesses in and use the services of Fort Wayne but refuse to do their civic duty and claim responsibility for their true community – Fort Wayne.

Northeast Indiana: The creation-incorporated suburbs on every side of Fort Wayne could lead Allen County to resemble the fiasco of Lake County. Look at a map of northwest Indiana sometime. All the little cities and towns in Lake County cause waste in duplication of administrative service and a Balkanization of sorts. The little towns acted like leeches on Gary for decades. Recently, Gary asked the governor to send in the National Guard because it couldn’t afford to pay for its own law enforcement problems. Northwest Indiana, with Lake Michigan and Chicago, should be booming, not blowing itself up. Let’s not do the same to Allen County and the rest of the area.

National debt: At first it seems ludicrous that a small town created in an affluent part of Fort Wayne could add to the national debt or even, for that matter to federal red tape. For lack of space, I’ll just list a few federal problems that will cost national tax dollars if West Hamilton comes into being: establishment of a post office, assigning a ZIP code (with redistricting of current ZIP codes in Allen, Whitley and Huntington counties) and creating a new census-designated area.

If the members of this “community” want to preserve their way of life, it shouldn’t come at the expense of the other 300,000 taxpayers in the county or the rest of us in true small towns that depend on the health of Fort Wayne for our economic survival.