Sci Fi renews SG1, Atlantis

Cable TV industry magazine MultiChannel News reports that the Sci Fi channel has renewed both Stargate: SG1 and spin-off series, Stargate Atlantis.

Although new episodes for the current season are scheduled to resume in January, episodes for next season are to debut in the summer of 2006 after the Memorial Day weekend.

This will mark the 10th season for Stargate: SG1 a (the second with Farscape‘s Ben Browder as the team leader) and the third season for Atlantis.

Marking a decade of continuous production, Stargate: SG1 becomes the longest-running American science fiction series ever and the second-longest-running series world-wide behind the BBC’s storied Dr. Who.

SG1 has remained a ratings success for Sci Fi this year despite the loss of series star Richard Dean Anderson. With Browder as his replacement, the show continues to be a ratings high point for the cable network.

Both series are produced under Sony’s MGM television division.

For: Fandominion