Muppets to return to primtime with reality TV parody

A decade after being exiles from primetime network TV, the Muppets are returning with a new, six-episode limited-run series in 2006.

Called America’s Next Muppet, the miniseries, made by the Disney-owned Jim Henson production shop, targets its satirical eye on the much overdone reality TV genre. Henson creators think they have found fertile ground for comedy.

The news of the series originally leaked to Muppet fan sites earlier this year in a viral marketing campaign being waged by Disney. After months of speculation, ABC finally is acknowledging the show is really in production to mainstrem press.

The show sets its comedic sites on the faux rags-to-riches reality talent/game shows FOX’s American Idol and UPN’s America’s Next Top Model. Official air dates for the miniseries have yet to be announced by ABC.