It’s official: CBS kills off ‘Threshold’

In what is probably the worst-kept secret in sci fi TV, CBS confirmed what 1001-or-so fan sites already knew: Threshold, Brannon Braga’s latest science fiction TV show, is joining ABC’s Night Stalker in the dustbin of history.

CBS sited low rating of the show in its new Tuesday at 10/9c p.m. timeslot. It aired there once, when the competition included the final hour and biggest awards of the “American Music Awards.”

ON average, Threshold attracted about 7.7 million viewers, according to TV industry press reports. That made it the lowest-rated hour-long drama on CBS.

Four finished but unaired episodes of the show remain. CBS has no plans to show any of those episodes on the network. Instead, the network plans to air specials or repeat episodes of of other CBS programs in the timeslot.