Direct to Video: New Doctor Who snubs U.S. TV

According to a report on SCI FI WIRE, the BBC has decided to snub U.S. television audiences as far as the new Doctor Who series is concerned.

The series already has aired 13 new episodes in the U.K. and Canada. U.S. fans have long speculated that the new series starring Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor would have made a natural fit on either the Sci Fi Channel or BBC America.

But that is not to be.

BBC officials decided instead that Doctor Who would fare better as a direct-to-video release in the U.S. The network has no plans for the show to be broadcast on any stateside media outlet.

The DVD set, scheduled for February 14, 2006 will be almost identical to the British version, which already is for sale if you have a DVD player that converts UK PAL-TV and DVD Region format to North American formats.