A ‘Charmed’ run as series enters the history books

Last week, producers and the TV network confirmed that long-running WB series Charmed will not be back for a ninth season. This came a few weeks after three of the series four leads said regardless of renewal, they had no intention of returning for a new season.

Although Charmed will be no more after the series finale in May, it should be noted that as of its final episode, Charmed will enter the television history books as one of the longest-running primetime weekly series ever (genre or not).

It will end its run at 178 episodes. That will have Charmed tied as the 86th longest-running weekly TV series with Star Trek: The Next Generation (along with Barnaby Jones and Laverne & Shirley).

Charmed‘s final tally also will be more episodes than such TV classics as Family Ties (176 eps), Three’s Company (172 eps), Mary Tyler Moore (168 eps), Hogan’s Heroes (168 eps), Barney Miller (167 eps) and Marcus Welby MD (170 eps).

Additionally, Charmed will be one episode short of matching what could be the best-known and loved TV series of all time, I Love Lucy (179 eps).