I just got the latest Darkover book – published almost eight years after the death of Marion Zimmer Bradley, the creator of the Darkover series. It was written by Deborah J. Ross based upon her multi-year collaboration with Bradley and upon MZB’s extensive notes and outlines regarding the fate and descendants of her most beloved character of the series, Lew Alton.

    Although Ross is not Bradley, she has a full understanding of the Darkovan world, so I found her past endeavors into the world of the Bloody Sun to be fun reads. So, I am looking forward to this new installment.

120px-Nuvola_apps_file-managerOK – got the book list for my law classes this semester. The final bill comes to $530 with tax. Ouch. … But that’s if I buy them at the Santa Clara University bookstore. It looks like if I buy them online at Amazon, I can save about $140. Still, $390 on books… And that’s only three of my four classes. Eeek.

Crystal_128_knodeThe following stories are getting traction on Google today:

TiVo vs. SFTV: It appears a skirmish is brewing between Film Fidder and SF Signal as to whether or not TiVo and other DVRs are hurting or helping science fiction televiiosn.

Johnny Depp Vamps Up: Jack Sparrow to put on fangs in film version of Dark Shadows.

Big in Kenya: Science Fictio-themed films are becoming increasingly popular in Africa.

ComiCon: San Diego businesses woo the nerds this weekend.

Rich’s SUV finally bit the dust Monday, so he had to get a new car … Monday. It’s a silver 2007 Honda Element EX. We drove to Oakland to get it. It looks something like this (except it can’t talk to opossums):


It is the slightly-younger brother of the 2007 blue Honda element LX that I got in May. It looks something like this:


Add to that, two of our bestest friends also have elements: Tracey (Black) and Niel (Green)… that makes us a 4-Element family.

Brought to the CW by Kevin Smith, the action comedy, Reaper. Imagine you find you on your 21st birthday that your parents sold your soul to the devil … and the big guy has plans for you.

Series Premiere: Tuesday, September 25, 2007. Set your TiVos.

(Warning: Pilot episode spoilers galore in the below video)[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGRf8mbtiXc]