For gay people, it’s anybody but Obama

I used to think that Barak Obama was a breath of fresh air; an answer to the same “politics as usual,” that has plagued presidential races during the entirety of my lifetime.

When I first heard him speak, he came across as a smart, principled guy with new ideas and a post-civil rights viewpoint where all people truly do deserve to be treated equally despite their color/gender/creed or sexual orientation.

But that changed. In recent days, Mr. Obama has decided that in order to “win” in South Carolina in the upcoming presidential primary, he needs to give over his stage to a man named Donnie McClurkin. Donnie is one of those idiots who talks about homosexuality as being a choice – like when you go car shopping and you get to choose between a pink or a blue car.

Mr. McClurin’s message includes such past gems as calling homosexuality a “curse” and claiming that gay people are “trying to kill our children.”

I don’t care how religious you claim to be – that ain’t how it works. Holding on tight to a Bible does not give you the right to be stupid with impunity. 

Mr. Obama says he does not agree with McClurkin’s views. If that is so, then why has Obama invited McClurkin to appear – with Obama’s blessing – at an official campaign event?

The answer is simple – Barak Obama will say anything to get a vote. Case in point: at a debate on gay issues earlier this year, Obama went out of his way to support gay and lesbian people.

Now in South Carolina, it appears that he is going out of his way to support a notorious anti-gay fundamentalist – while pretending to hold his nose in disgust at McClurkin’s ideas. The only problem is that Obama *invited* McClurkin to appear at his event in the first place.

I used to see Obama as a bright hope in the Democratic Party. Now all I see a pandering idiot who will blatantly tell anyone what he thinks they want to hear in order to get a vote.

That’s hypocrisy. It’s also politics as usual.

The weirdest part is that with this move, Obama is associating himself with such hateful anti-gay vitriol that even the current crop of “I’m more conservative than thou” Republicans won’t touch.

I’m voting for anybody but Obama.