Open letter to Barak Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

I used to think you were a breath of fresh air in the Democratic party.

But recently you have chosen to associate yourself in this campaign with a man called Donnie McClurkin. As you know, this man absurdly claims that gay people are “cursed” and “trying to kill our children.”

You used to be able to take the high moral ground when compared to other politicians.

Now with this weird obsession you have in keeping McClurkin as part of your campaign, you’ve tainted yourself with pandering to the anti-gay crowd. But you say you do not agree with his views. If so, why is he still appearing in your official events and on your stage?

By simultaneously pretending to hold your nose as McClurkin is climbing onto your stage at your invitation to address your crowds, I realize you truly are a run-of-the-mill politician who will set aside principles in order to pander for votes.

You may yet win South Carolina, but you’ve lost my respect.