lameduckbushOh, doesn’t this make you giggle. I love the thought of my dog chewing this to shreds for some reason.

George Bush “Lame Duck” Cat Toy   $8.00
You can’t get even but your kitty can! Comes filled with catnip and your kitty will delight in shredding the president. Dimensions: 5″ High …
George Bush “Lame Duck” Dog Toy   $12.00
Your can’t get even, but your pet can! The George Bush dog toys are made of canvas and include two squeakers. Dimensions: 9″ High …

MVC-753F Here is a snapshot of the headstone of a former boyfriend of mine who used to dance with the Fort Wayne ballet. He had been having a hard time and ended up committing suicide in 1996. That event led to my decision to move away from Indiana and to start a new life in California. I took the photo at a Logansport, Indiana cemetery southwest of Fort Wayne in 2000. I had flown back to the state for the funeral of my brother-in-law and felt the urge to visit Trin’s grave site to say hello.

Sci Am 07-12Scientific American | December 2007

Articles of note:

  • T cell Turnoff: Studies showing the efficacy of immune suppressants in fighting HIV.
  • Aliens Among Us: A feature article on the possibility that life evolved on Earth multiple times – which means microbe may still exist that are not our genetic cousins.
  • Carbon Markets: I just don’t buy that these could ever work.