DVD additions: Planet Terror and Transformers

A trip to Target the weekend before Halloween to get cat food and shampoo ended up with Rich and me spending close to PlanetTerrorExtendedAndU12569_f$200 in a mini-shopping spree – including two more DVDs to add to our collection of more than 700 discs. We each picked one movie.


The first was my pick: Planet Terror, directed by Robert Rodriguez. I love most of his films – and thing that Sin City was a masterpiece, about as perfect a comic-to-film movie as has ever been made. It’s a campy zombie film that parodies 1970s exploitation flicks. The star, Rose McGowan is hilarious and very good. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen a bad Rose McGowan film. I love this gory, witty and wry movie.



The second film was Rich’s choice: Transformers, directed by Michael Bay. His films are hit-and-miss, although I really enjoyed The Island more than I though I would. We bought it and until tonight we had not popped it into the DVD player. I was too old to be taken in by the Transformers toy allure in the 1980s, and this film was always a sort of, “ehh…” for me when it came out. But then, again it co-stars Josh Duhamel; both Rich and I are big fans of his.

Then we watched it. It was horrible. Duhamel was OK – actually he was quite good, but he scenes he was in looked like they were from a different film than the rest of this god awful movie. Something tells me this DVD will be quickly heading to the trade-in bin at my local used book store.