Moronic sexist attack: The “Palin Bikini Gun” photo

By now you may have seen the infamous photograph supposedly showing Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin in a bikini and holding a “long gun.” Needless to say, as shown in the above illustration, it’s a fake. (UPDATE: Anyway the model is holding a pellet gun – not a true firearm that uses gunpowder.)

I Have the following to say about this to its creator:

  1. The high quality of the photo shopping makes me think you have a semblance of talent, ingenuity and are probably intelligent – therefore it is likely you are a Democrat and probably a Barack Obama supporter.
  2. Shame on you. This is sexist, sexist, sexist. This  is the kind of nonsense that goes to prove that sexism is alive and well in the Democratic Party. 
  3. There are 101+ legitimate things you can attack about Palin: She is an ultra-conservative asshole. She is an anti-gay asshole. She is a anti-women’s rights “obey your husband” asshole. She is a teach creationism and “intelligent design” in science classes asshole. She is a corrupt republican taking illegal donations asshole. But to focus on her female bits? That makes YOU the asshole here, buddy. (And I do mean buddy since I doubt a woman would do this.)