Fall Series Preview: ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC

David Speakman | FanDominion

Move over southern vampires, now we have southern zombies.

A science fiction/horror zombie dystopia is set to invade U.S. TV screens starting this Halloween as the AMC cable channel launches its first genre TV series with The Walking Dead, an adaptation of the Image Comics title to the small screen.

The series follows the exploits of Police officer Rick Grimes (played by Afterlife‘s Andrew Lincoln), who wakes up in the hospital after a near-fatal gunshot wound to discover the world has suffered a zombie apocalypse while he was sedated.

The stock unlikely hero, Grimes  leads a rag-tag group of survivors on a quest to find his family and a new home. Kinda sounds like Battlestar Galactica with zombies instead of cylons, huh?

The series starts Halloween weekend on AMC and will run weekly after that.

The official series trailer is below:

Compare that to the teaser motion comic that AMC has on its website: