Progressives ‘Break Up’ With Obama

I can’t break up with a man who I never dated. In the 2008 primary, like most California­n democrats, I voted for Hillary Clinton.

While the state struggled with millions of dollars pouring in from the Mormon church to pass the anti-gay Prop 8 – Obama said nothing about it, aside from saying it was up to the states to decide whether gay people deserve to keep certain fundamenta­l civil rights of citizenshi­p or not.

So, when election November election day in 2008 came, I watch loads of people cram the polls to vote. I voted Democratic – a vote against the Republican­s and against Prop 8.

Obama won this state. Prop 8 passed by a margin that required a large percentage of Obama supporters to vote for it.

If candidate Obama spoke publicly against Prop 8 in 2008, I’m confident it would
have failed. BUT…
He ignored gay people unless he wanted our money.

Come the 2012 primaries – I will not vote for Obama. I’ll vote for any other democrat. If he is the only one – I’ll write in Hillary (even though she said she will decline a nomination­) or possibly Harvey Milk (even though he is dead) – just to send a message.

In November, If Obama’s name in on the ballot, which it will be… I’ll vote against the republican hate machine again. I’ll hold my nose, but I won’t vote for a worse group just because the current president is no friend to me.
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