N3F Directorate Motions – July-Sept. 2012

PASSED:  July 10, 2012
Motion 2012-04: Speakman:; Amended: Row
The President shall not hold the office of Secretary or Treasurer, except on a temporary basis not to exceed 4 weeks – due to vacancy or emergency. If the president fails to appoint a replacement within three weeks of an office vacancy of either the Secretary or Treasurer, the Directorate shall move on its own to appoint a replacement for the vacant office. 

YEA: Speakman, Row, Wilson, Harder
No Vote: Swartz
PASSED:  September 25. 2012
Motion 2012-05: Speakman (Via suggestion by member, Ruth Davidson)

Amend Bylaws in the appropriate place(s) to include:
The following activities are reserved solely to paid members: holding elected office; holding the office of Secretary, Treasurer, Publisher or Official Editor; voting for elected office; receiving printed copies of club publications paid for by the treasury.
Members of the general public may fully participate in all N3F activities except for those reserved solely to paid members.

YEA: Speakman, Row, Wilson, Harder
No Vote: Swartz
PASSED:  September 24. 2012
Motion 2012-06: Speakman
.PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to bring constitution in line with current practice. Membership ratification vote: Sept. 2013.
Current Language
Article 1 – Membership: 
      3.     Joint memberships are available to two persons residing in the same household. A joint membership will include The National Fantasy Fan Federation(TNFF) and all rights such as voting and club activities. The dues shall be more than a single membership but less than a double, to be set by the Directorate.  

Proposed Amendment: (Changes in bold)
Article 1 – Membership: 
      3.     Household memberships are available to persons residing in the same household but eligible to receive only one print copy of the Official Organ. A household membership will include membership in The National Fantasy Fan Federation (TNFF) and all rights such as voting and club activities for each paid member of the household included in the membership. The dues shall be *one single membership at full price with each additional individual household membership dues added, as set in the Bylaws *

YEA: Speakman, Swartz, Wilson, Harder
No Vote: Row, Harder
PASSED:  September 24. 2012
Motion 2012-07: Speakman
Update Life Membership rules to allow the appointment of 5 memberships or 1 percent of the total membership of the N3F, whichever number is greater. 

Grant Life Membership to Jack Robins.
YEA: Speakman, Row, Wilson, Harder, Swartz

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