Nod by Adrian Barnes (Bluemoose)

Dark Eden by Chris Beckett (Corvus)

Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway (William Heinemann)

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller (Headline)

Intrusion by Ken MacLeod (Orbit)

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson (Orbit)

The Best Science Fiction Novels of 2012, According to the Clarke Awards
I have to admit to mixed feelings about this year’s Clarke Award shortlist. On the one hand, it includes some of my favorite authors, including Kim Stanley Robinson, Nick Harkaway and Ken MacLeod. On …

“Doomed” is set in the present day with Facebook, iPads and CliffsNotes, so Pandora lives like any other person: dependent on technology.

Rachel’s Reads: Sci-fi thriller ‘Doomed’ is based on the myth of Pandora’s Box
The book jacket summary of ‘Doomed’ by Tracy Deebs barely scratches the surface of what the novel actually contains. One can only put so much about a 480-page novel into eight sentences.

For more information about the Louisiana Science Fiction Film and Costume Festival visit or call Sydney LeJeune at 225-400-1793.

Louisiana Science Fiction Film and Costume Festival opens Friday
The Louisiana Science Fiction Film and Costume Festival begins at 6 p.m. Friday, April 5, and runs through Sunday, April 7. The festival will take place at Embassy …

"Man in the Empty Suit" has a clever enough premise that could be straight out of a Philip K. Dick or Kurt Vonnegut novel. It shifts genre from science fiction to detective mystery. 

Book review: Science fiction, mystery fill out ‘The Empty Suit’
The Beatles once sang, “They say it’s your birthday. Well, it’s my birthday, too.” This could be the theme song for the characters in Sean Ferrell’s sci-fi mystery novel “Man in the Empty Suit.” The p…