Apparently, at my heart, I am a New Netherlander.

This nation occupies New York City and its metropolitan area, which contains Northern New Jersey, far Southeastern New York State, and far Southwestern Connecticut.
New York City’s roots are primarily Dutch, with the British apprehending the city in the mid to late 1600’s. A major port city, New Netherland acted as both an economic and cultural hub throughout its history, harboring millions of immigrants and connecting the rest of the United States with the world. This culture, much like New France, is very tolerant and open-minded, as a result of years of immigration from various countries for different reasons, mostly religious and political. Being materialistic, it isn’t as morally focused as its Yankeedom and Midlands neighbors, but in general, New Netherland has sided with Yankeedom in the political arena, voting consistently Democrat in elections.
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