On the Pope:
Don’t blame an asshole for acting like an asshole. When an asshole behaves in a way we like, we’re all happy and forget that occasionally, all assholes will act up and make a big, messy stink.

Even though you may be surprised when you have to deal with an unexpected spew of shit from an asshole, the problem is that *you* either forgot or were in denial.

I promise you will never again be surprised by the Pope when you remember that he is the leader of a bunch of assholes who think it’s a government’s duty to deny equal rights to women and LGBT people.
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Our Constitution bars Congress from passing laws that specifically target any individual person (or corporation) for some supposed wrongdoing without trial and passing a legislative punishment. It’s called a Bill of Attainder – and our Founding Fathers made sure our Constitution bans that practice. It is not Congress’ job to be judge, jury, and executioner.
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Woke up this morning with the narcissistic lyrics version of the 40-year-old Minnie Riperton song, Lovin’ You, in my head:

Lovin’ me is easy ’cause I’m beautiful.
Makin’ love with me is all you really need.
Lovin’ me is more than just a fantasy.
And everything that you’ll be, is out of lovin’ me…

Ahhh! Make it stop.
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