Occasionally, out of the blue, I get a reminder that I am not a total asshole, that occasionally I do good, too.. My last year at Ball State, I went to school in the day and worked 8-hour overnight shifts at a company called CompuLitS (Computer Litigation Service) – which basically took millions of pages of legal discovery for various Eli Lilly & Co. lawsuits and OCRed them to make it all ready for attorneys to use to defend the company. The job I had was QC (Quality Control and inspection). I worked with a team of about 20 other folks. One of them was a single mom in her late 20s who just felt like she was in a dead-end in her life. She said she wanted to be a nurse, but didn’t think that was in the cards …. Ever the optimist, I remember telling her not to give up, to keep trying. I even offered to help her fill out her paperwork to go to community college before transferring to a 4-year school. We lost touch a few months later. Meanwhile more than two decades later, I log on to the computer and I get this Facebook message.

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