Meet my Great Grandpa Eddie 19 greats Me James Donald Speakman Sr. my father Rolla (Raleigh) Ebenezer Speakman his father William H Speakman his father Ebenezer B Speakman his father Joshua John Speakman his father Ebenezer Speakman his father Ann Speakman his mother Ann Miller her mother Rachel Malin her mother Mary Catherine Conway her mother Valentine Hollingsworth Sr. her father Henry Parker Hollingsworth his father Robert Valentine Hollingsworth IIl his father Agnes Hollingsworth his mother Elizabeth Brereton her mother Charles Somerset 1st Earl of Worcester her father Henry Beaufort 3rd Duke of Somerset his father Edmund Beaufort 2nd Duke of Somerset his father John Beaufort 1st Earl of Somerset his father John of Gaunt 1st Duke of Lancaster his father Edward III of England his father

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