Bopping around the Colbert Report website, I came across a little website called Of course, Mr. Colbert was inviting his fans to morph his face with famous people.

I figured – hey, let’s try it with me and Rich. Below is the result of what a genetic male child of Rich and I might look like upon reaching his mid-30s.

The faces of The t-shirts - front and Rich - sunset combined together -

With the rise of various Rock Star / Rock Band video games these days – folks are on the market for original band names – just in case they’re discovered by a talent scout while jamming in their living room.

Here’s a fun meme-type game to help you pick one of your very own. I stumbled upon it at Electrasteph’s blog – (which is always a good read, by the way):

 Generate a fake band name, its first album cover and the album name:

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

My Result: “Painlevé paradox

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

My result: “and remove all doubt” – from a very famous Mark Twain quote that has burned me more than once, so it is appropriate.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover. (Like Steph and Jason before her, I also chose the third photo that was under a creative commons license – a picture by k_iwi – rather than just the third picture.)

And after a little photoshopping on my part, the result:

Faux Album

Pretty cool, huh? It worked pretty well for me.

Now I’m ready for Laura to come over to our house Friday so she, Rich and I can fire up the PS3 and get our rock on!


Here are two maps I created for Wikipedia a while back for two little towns near where I grew up.US-IN-Huntertown Map

The first is a map of Huntertown, Indiana. This s a quickly urbanizing northern suburb of Fort Wayne

US-IN-Whitley County Tri Lakes MapThe Second map, is for Tri-Lakes, Indiana, which is located in rural Whitley County.
I do these maps as a break from law school studies. I started out in college as a graphic design major – and still have the need to create visual images. With map illustrations like these, at least my doodling hobby can be of use to others.

OK – I have to plug a web site, a blog of a woman I went to college with who is now a big-time web designer in Indianapolis. And she’s so good, I steal many, many ideas from her all the time.

The strange thing is in college, I was the computer geek and she was a magazine major. So, of course, after we graduated, I was the one who wrote for magazines for years and she ended up in computer interface design.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out her site if you want to start a blog. It has a very simple and elegant design and is very easy to navigate.

It also is deceptive in that it is much deeper than you’d expect at first glance. But, is almost impossible to become lost while using it.

Just click the link above to take a tour for yourself. And stop by the humor category; there is good stuff there.

Partnership Results in Exclusive Collection of Digital Items Inspired by the Popular Daytime Drama and Character Fancy Crane

BURBANK, CA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 20, 2006) – Today, Cyworld USA, a leading social networking platform, and NBC announced the companies are entering into a unique online marketing and advertising partnership to reach their shared audience of young, tech-savvy females. The main component of the campaign will be the integration of a personal “profile” page, also known as a Minihome, which will launch December 22 on the “Passions” website on NBC-dot-com ( and on Cyworld ( The partnership will also involve exclusive digital items developed by Cyworld and NBC representing the “Passions” theme and characters, available for members to purchase with Cyworld’s “Acorn” currency in addition to a Fancy Club for Cyworld members to join. The revenue from this will be shared between NBC Universal and Cyworld.
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