Reporter: David Speakman
Date: 11-17-1999

Company/Ticker/URLUS West
Company #2Qwest
Company #3Ericsson
Company #4Alcatel

Headline: US West Starts Wireless Internet Service

Using technology from Alcatel and Ericsson, regional Telecom US West plans to start wireless internet service by the first quarter 2000.

US West said the first city to get wireless web service will be Salt Lake City, Utah after that 22 other markets, including Denver, Seattle, Portland Oregon, Phoenix and Minneapolis-St. Paul will follow.

The company has been testing limited wireless in some markets those users will immediately be upgraded to the improved service.

This new technology included SMS, or short message system which allows up to 6 text messaging channels including news, stock market, weather and sports reports.

On Wednesday, US West closed down a fraction trading at 65 1/8.